Alien Retribution Coming March 22nd


Since the day his family was murdered, Boris has been obsessed with vengeance. The last thing he needs in his life is a mate. Besides, what sort of female would want a scarred, crippled male who has taken a vow of silence? Nope, there is no room in his life for a female.

Then he meets Nassir.

Beautiful. Fragile. Distant. He wants to break through the barriers she keeps erecting to discover the real woman inside. Which might be easier if he wasn’t constantly pulling her out of danger.

On the run, hunted, and alone, Nassir knows she only has herself to rely on.

Until Boris comes back into her life. The dark one. The silent, watchful, Alpha male whose gaze heats her from the inside out and whose touch drives her insane.

If only she knew whether he truly cares about her or just enjoys tormenting her with his kisses. Then she might find the sort of happiness she’s been searching for her whole life.


Panic flooded her. Lie down? Bare herself in front of a stranger? She wrenched her arm out of his hold.

“No! No, stay away from me.” She held her hands up, moving back toward the door. She needed to leave, to get away from here. She could not allow him to touch her.

Suddenly, she felt a presence behind her, something that both calmed and excited her. Whirling, she saw Boris standing in the doorway. His face was foreboding, stern as he stared at her, but she didn’t care. When she looked at him, all she saw was safety.

Before she knew it, she was standing so close to him they were almost touching. Her body still shook with aftereffects of the panic that had flooded her, but her breath came easier and she no longer felt as though she might pass out.

Boris let out a low, growling noise then pushed her gently behind him before stepping forward. The relief she felt at his appearance since turned into alarm as he stepped towards Racar, the menace rolling off him so strong she shivered.

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